bonjour, mes amies!

Welcome to my newest adventure in blogging.  My name is Krystina.  I was born in Wisconsin, grew up in Stamford, CT and currently reside in the lovely city of New York where I work in PR/social media marketing.  This blog is purely an attempt to chronicle the loves of my life:  food, travel and my French heritage.

Want to know what this blog is about, and why I am doing this now? Well, let me break down the three loves that I highlight above.

Some people eat to live, and others live to eat.  I’m the latter of the group.  I grew up with a kick-ass mother who is a samurai in the kitchen.  Name a dish, and Kath has not only made it, but blew it out of the water.  I’ve always enjoyed cooking and had a desire to follow in the footsteps of Master Chef Mom, but mostly kept my preparations simple due to the lack of space in the shoe box called my NYC apartment.  But, I am challenging myself to be more adventurous and through this blog I hope to share my new food finds inside and outside the kitchen, always with a little inspiration from Kath.

I absolutely love this quote, “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” because I find it to be so unbelievably true.  No designer handbag or dress can ever replace the rich emotions that run through my body when I think about sitting next to my best friend drinking a mango rum shake and watching the sunset in Boracay, or gazing up at the stars on a small boat in the middle of the Amazon river in Manaus.  I have never kept a diary or journal, which I am now starting to regret.  I went on Semester at Sea in college and had the luxury of traveling around to ten different countries.  While I cherish every single memory and moment, I wish I was able to share more of my experience with friends and family.  As I continue to check more countries off my list, I want to make sure I’m able to chronicle my experience, and share my riches with you!

The french phrases, notes, food and history that will be peppered throughout my blog are in honor of mon père, Rick, et Meme.  I am very proud of my french heritage and have been trying to learn more of the language, food and culture, and hope to share some of that with you along the way.

à bientôt!

xoxo, Krystina



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