Mother’s Day in the kitchen with Mom

I went home to Stamford, CT this weekend to spend some quality time with my mom and brother.  As I mentioned, my mom is a ninja in the kitchen so now that I started my new blog I was really enthusiastic to cook for her on this special weekend.

Before we even figured out a recipe for Saturday dinner, the first stop was Paganos’ Seafood in Norwalk so we could check out the goods and choose our cut of fish.  We were debating between the red snapper and halibut, but ended up going with the fresh halibut from Nova Scotia.


After perusing through a couple different preparations, we decided we’d try the Roasted Halibut with Walnut Crust.  The only ingredient we didn’t have was chive so I substituted with scallion.  It seemed like a perfect recipe because it would have a little bit of crunch from the panko and toasted walnuts and two of my favorite herbs, which were picked from the new herb garden my mom gave me along with her own little harvest in the backyard.  A a little side story – my mom loves to bring fresh flowers and plants to my apartment.  I enjoy having them there to brighten up the rooms, except plants and I never get along.  I didn’t think watering would be too complicated and I certainly don’t care to read a damn thing about gardening, so it’s always a touch-and-go process for me.  However, I’m determined to make this herb garden work.  It didn’t really help when I went outside to grab the basil and pulled from the stem instead of the leaf.  Mom correction #1.  Gardening for Dummies begins now.

From left to right (thyme, basil, rosemary, mint)

Herb garden de Krystina

It was a big hunk of fish for the three of us so I was little nervous I would undercook it but it cooked through perfectly.  I will definitely make this recipe again!

My brother and I prepared brunch for Mom today.  I was in charge of the watercress-fontina souffléd omelet that she picked out and wanted me to make and Adam concocted a kick-ass Bloody Mary.  Note: before you start any dish, make sure you know all of the cooking terms.  Of course, I didn’t know what soft peaks meant; I assumed it just meant to beat the eggs with a fork until Kath had to intervene (after she was done laughing hysterically in my face) and show me that I needed to use the beater.  Other than that, it was a smashing success!

Check out the recipe prep from start to finish in this fun little Vine video.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Mother’s Day as much as I did.  I am so lucky to have such a wonderful and beautiful maman et famille.