Where to eat in Honduras (if you can find it)

About an hour to 90 minutes on the single lonely road from San Pedro Sula airport driving towards Copan you’ll find a restaurant that served my favorite meal throughout my eight day vacation in Honduras.

There aren’t too many people flocking to this country for a unique culinary food tour.  Many traditional Honduran dishes are quite simple where the most popular breakfast specialty, the baleada, is a wheat flour tortilla folded in half and filled with mashed fried beans and crumbled queso fresco.  If you’re feeling adventurous you can add a few other ingredients like roasted meat, avocado, plaintains or scrambled eggs.

Don’t get me wrong – like most Latin American cultures, in Honduras you can feel the love and care that goes into preparing (and celebrating) their food.  I think it’s the execution of the simplest ingredients that really made me appreciate how superbly delicious a meal can be.  The thinly sliced chicken breast was grilled to perfection with juices flowing through each bite like it was pulled from the bone with a flavor burst of chimichurri as if it had been marinating for weeks on end.  The plantains were perfect – not too thick, not too mushy.  Crisp bites of banana goodness.  Their version of the israeli salad even had a distinct vinegar dressing.  And don’t forget the extra chimichurri sauce on the side!

We loved it so much we had to stop there on our way back from Copan towards Tela.  Sorry I can’t find an address through Google search, but if you check the Restaurante El Galopa Facebook page you can find the number and call for better directions (if you speak Spanish).

Bon appétit!